About Us

Why STA Here?  Because you want your space.  You want to live like a local.  You want luxury.  You want amenities.  You want location.  You want comfort.  You want service.  That is why we built our company, because we want those things too and were tired of not finding them.  

All of our luxury condos, lofts and penthouses were designed with you in mind.  Minutes to the hottest attractions, best restaurants and entertainment. 

Designer finishes with none of the stuffiness you get from other upscale places. 

Resort amenities for those that just want to live like royalty. 

Full size washer & dryer for those that light packers. 

Most importantly, service like you were STA-ing with your Grandma who hasn’t seen you in years (but without the cheek pinching).  

Our name is different because we ARE different. 

Come STA with us and see for yourself.